Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Affordable SEO in Wisconsin

Ways Of Getting Your  Website Found

There are basically three ways to get your Website found: Hire an SEO company and pay dearly long term, learn it all yourself and then spend thousands of hours implementing it hopefully without any costly mistakes, and somewhere in between the above two ways.

Hire An SEO Firm If You Can Afford It

If you got lots of money, and I mean thousands and thousands, to invest in SEO, then go for the first option.  Hiring an SEO company is the easiest way to get that Website found in the SERP’s (search engine results page). There are a variety of companies, tactics, prices, etc., but the thing to remember is to find what works for you. If you are a small business with just one location, then be sure to think about hiring a small business expert versus a giant SEO company that will get you found in China for some ridiculously long, long tail key words. When all you needed was to be found for “Restaurant”… On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a large e-commerce Website, you might be better off going straight to the top of the SEO food chain and hiring the best you can find. I say this because these guys are better equipped to handle the large amount of content creation needed for eCommerce Websites and with eCommerce, their is a tremendous amount of room for growth financially where as a fixed location business is limited in the sense of expansion.

Most Affordable Search Engine Optimization

If you have some time and want to learn, you have in front of you, the most affordable search engine optimization plan (remember to stop by my Website for tips). But if you are like most people, you are already occupied with your own business functions and really do not have the time. This is without considering the time it will take you to learn how to do all these things. It can be done; I have came across hundreds of very successful Websites created with just a good old WordPress installation and brilliant content. You must also be technically inclined in order to mange a Website, keep it updated, make backups, and other details, if you can do all of these things then go for it.

Next Best Affordable Search Engine Optimization

I am a strong believer of number three. Not only do you have the most experienced individuals for the niche, but you also have guidance from someone who knows how to make a Website work. Along with this option, you are getting an affordable SEO price but with some help from you.

Leave the technical details up to the SEO firm but work closely with them and the designers if there are any, to integrate your niche’s professional knowledge. The small business owner is the one with the most knowledge of the niche, Web designers/ SEOs and developers have to research everything and even when they are done with this step, they still don’t have 10% of the knowledge that the small business owner has. This is why it is important for business owners / managers to get involved in the design and SEO process.with any of the above mentioned methods, the small business owner is the professional, we can only assist you with your Web marketing goals.

Get Involved With A Blog

A blog on the site is a great way for small business owners to get involved.  Unique and useful content is what the search engines love. By typing out your experiences, helping users with their questions, you are well on your way to creating a successful Website. If this extra content is helpful to your users, they will link to it giving you some free, high quality, links. business owners should participate in the design stage as well as the SEO. Yes, SEOs should be involved in the design stage to make sure the Website is put together right the first time! I have seen far too many sites that cant be found anywhere, or found for something really off subject. Then someone like me, has to give them the bad news, that the designer had no experience with search engine optimization.

Start With The Website, Hopefully Before It’s Built

Whatever method you choose, start with on-site optimization (preferably before the site is built!). Make sure that you or your designer, is putting up content that users will be searching for, questions they may ask the search engines, etc. You can check for what keywords are best for your niche by creating Google AdWords Account and using the keyword planner to see what keywords are more popular and the competition of those keywords. Make sure the site you choose will load quickly (2 seconds or less for page to load completely, I have some content management systems that will load in four tenths of a second) and that it has proper page titles (relative terms used in the URL and title, NOT p=123!) and heading tags in use (they help the users and search engine find what they are looking for more rapidly and bbreak the page into simple sections for easier reading). These few things alone can solve many existing issues and might get you found without the help of  external SEO, especially if your your niche is a popular one. That is an even more affordable search engine optimization solution.