Website Investigation

Basic Website

This simple HTML Website has no content management system, no mobile version, not much of anything special as far as bells and whistles go. What it does have is the positioning needed to get found and to get respect.

Number one in Google

#1 in Google

#1 in Google

This Website is found for the keywords “wisconsin defense investigator” better than anyone else out there. Go ahead, try it.. This is a phrase that a criminal defense lawyer would type into Google when looking for help with a case. No links, no tricks, just well designed, fast loading site with good content. Nothing beats a static HTML page for load time. Google’s goal is to provide the best user experience possible and a slow loading page is a bad experience.¬†Users do not want to wait and if they do wait, they are likely to hit the back button and click on the competition back in the search results page.

Number one & two in Yahoo & Bing

Number one and Number two in Yahoo and Bing

#1 & #2 in Yahoo and Bing

Why is the Website there for both positions? Because it’s pages have more relative content and value than anything else than that either Yahoo or Bing could find. Think about that for a second; nothing better so they listed a second page from this site.

Function versus beauty

Since this is an article about a Website, you might wonder why I am just now going to start talking about the Website itself this far down in the article? Because this is what design and looks is worth. Tell me, if no one can find the Website, what good is the looks, features and finances put up for it?

Website design

Urso Investigations Website Image

Urso Investigations

This website design is fairly simple. It has an image slider on the home page to help get the owner’s most valuable topics covered in a hurry. It is important to give the user what they want and quickly or else you get the back button treatment. The only other point worth mentioning about this design is the articles tab. This is simply a few helpful articles posted to the site in the hopes that users will find that information useful and maybe even link to them. Inbound links for free, how good is that?

Website Articles Urso Investigations

Website Articles Urso Investigations