Why Do I Need a Website

Websites connect directly with your customers

When you advertise with Newspaper, Radio, and TV, you are spending your budget on broadcasting to the entire public. How many of those people are actually thinking, wanting, or committing to buying your product? People who are searching for your products on the internet are already interested!

Once customers have found you, they can easily reach you too

After searching and finding your Website, the customers have available to them your business name, email, location, a contact form, and possibly e-commerce so they can buy your products or commit to an appointment with very little effort. Most people who order online do so because they did not have to drive across town, state, or country.

Your Website never sleeps

A Website makes your business function 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It can answer common questions, make reservations, sell products, and take messages even when your physical store is closed. Most importantly, it is doing all of this at the customer’s convenience.

Your Website introduces your company to the world

There is a high likelihood that someone a thousand miles away (way out of newspaper and broadcast range) will find your business just as easy as the person down the street. You have the added benefit of large area advertising. When people travel, they often search the internet for restaurants, hotels, special products and services or other things they cannot get where they normally live. This is something that until the internet was born, has been impossible to do.

Reaching local markets

An increasing number of people use local search terms which is an indication that people are searching for more local and specific items. These are the very same keywords that get added to your website.

Specialized markets thrive on the Internet

If you think you are different from the rest or have products and services that are unique, you are what the internet has been looking for! It is a natural characteristic of search engines to try to list everything for a category. When you are different, in practically any way, you may find yourself on top of the search engine results.

Small businesses need Websites the most

With limited capital and income as compared to larger and already better known industries, small business can get its best advertising dollar from the internet. A Website can get you seen at a much lower cost than continually paying for ads in the older advertising markets. Depending on the type of Website once it has been purchased and installed on a server, the maintenance cost can be very small in the order of a few dollars per month.

Businesses in rural areas also need a Website

Businesses in rural or small city locations can greatly benefit from Websites. You can use your Website to draw in customers from hundreds of miles away, and even to some extent, focus your marketing on a different area entirely, like say a nearby big city?