Common Web Services

Design and develop informational, e-commerce, and personal Websites; with or without content management systems.


Retrofit existing sites with Content Management Systems. Depending on the particular Website, a content management system can be added to an existing site. Content Management Systems practically eliminates the need for a Web programmer to make changes to the Website.


Repair, Update, Move – It often becomes necessary to modify the original Website with updated data or design.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a Website for search engines is more than just choosing keywords. Keywords are important, but they are only a small part of optimizing a Website. For example: You picked a popular keyword, so did everyone else, who is Google going to pick to be in the higher position? Position is not as important as conversion. Less popular keywords have less competition and many times are just as effective because in the end what really matters is customer conversion not the position on Google. Page URL, page titile, headings, text found in headings and paragraphs, postilion of keywords within a document, position of out bound links, authority links and the number of them from other Websites, page load time, mobile friendly, I could go on for some time but just know there are hundreds of positioning factors that can get you found or lost.

Website Promotion

A business needs to promote it’s Website as it would promote it’s product or service offerings. Get the Web address on business cards, Letterhead, newspaper ads etc.

Local, Affordable Hosting

Hosting out of Milwaukee Wisconsin is relatively centralized to the area to provide low latency and fast page loads. Why fast page times?

Programming Languages


Server-side(a program runs in the host/server) programming that prepares Web Pages before sending them. PHP is often used in conjunction with MySQL to process data that is sent to, or retrieved from the database. This is also the main technology used to build content management systems.


Server-side database technology used for storing information about customers, transactions, and other data.


Client-side (runs on the user’s computer) used to make dynamic Web pages. You can do things like animate images or text , check to see what browser is being used so that the page can be optimized for that particular browser, and much, much more.

Ruby on Rails

A newer and less commonly used server-side system that can greatly reduce the overhead in creating content management systems. I can safely say that Ruby on Rails can be many times faster to develop with than the equivalent PHP and MySQL technologies.


C++ is a widely used programming language that is inherited from the C standard language. This language is almost unlimited in it’s capabilities and is largely used to write non-Web based programs.


Java can run in either environment, on the server or locally on a user’s machine. Java, like C and C++, is a highly capable language with incredible capabilities. In fact, Java runs on almost any platform, even on devices like cell phones, televisions and microwave ovens. Java can be used to manipulate data or a database and can serve as a content management system backed by the versatility and processing power of the Java environment.

Other Languages

I can program in Basic and many other Basic-like languages including one of my favorites: Auto-It. Auto-It started out as a language to automate mundane functions like PC roll-out for software installation. It has grown in its capabilities to do things like sense when programs and windows are present and can control these programs as if a user was clicking the mouse or typing into the keyboard.