Local Wisconsin Web Hosting

Hosting Fast & Affordable

Local hosting means lighting fast response times do to the short distance from our servers in Milwaukee Wisconsin to the local users that visit your Website within this state and the upper Midwest. This means better overall performance with shorter page load times for your visitors. Page speed happens to be one of a hundred aspects of your Website that search engines use to determine search positions. A faster site is a better user experience and search engines are all about better / great user experiences.

With an average round trip time of only 31 milli-seconds compared to most big name hosting companies our local servers blow them out of the water. See below:

  • –      Minimum = 49ms, Maximum = 55ms, Average = 51ms
  • –        Minimum = 50ms, Maximum = 51ms, Average = 50ms
  • –     No ping returned wonder why?
  • –       No ping returned
  • –              Minimum = 57ms, Maximum = 61ms, Average = 59ms
  • –   Minimum = 47ms, Maximum = 52ms, Average = 49ms

Buy Local

Buying local also means supporting your local economy. The money stays with the Midwest instead of leaving the area or even going to other countries.

Dedicated IP  SSL / HTTPS available for small additional charges.

We now offer hosting through our subsidiary company

Straightforward Web Hosting

Hosting plans from $60 per year or $5 per month!